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  Friday, February 22, 2019    

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Mr Lanny Anderson









For information on band lessons and perfromance schedules please look at the schoolspeak website.



Dear Parents, 8/29/18

Each year at this time, a new group of students eagerly await their turn to join our band program.  The study of music can be one of the most valuable steps in your child’s education. In addition to learning how to play a musical instrument, the band program teaches teamwork, self-discipline and self-esteem.  Statistics show that young people who participate in music are among the academically strongest in their schools. Recent research indicates that studying music makes you smarter.


Students who plan to be involved in other school activities can still participate in, and benefit from, participation in band.  I know this opportunity comes at a time when your child has many activities to choose from. I want to encourage you to consider the school music program as a long-term commitment.  The life-long benefits your child receives will far outweigh the short-term investment. There was a meeting for parents and students on Tuesday September 18th,  at 7pm at the Mary of Lourdes Elementary Cafeteria.


A representative from Eckroth Music will be present, and it will be possible to rent/lease a band instrument at a very reasonable price.  If you are interested in enrolling your child in band, I urge your attendance at this meeting, as band lessons will begin on about the last week of September. If you already have an instrument, please have your child bring it along to the meeting or show it to me before the first day of Band class, so that we can be sure it is suitable and in good condition.

During the 1st week of school, fourth graders will begin sampling the band instruments to help them decide which one is best for them to play.  

Total costs vary with the brand and type of instrument purchased.

I hope you agree with my belief and that of many educators throughout the country, that every child should have the chance to learn and participate in music.  I look forward to working with your child!

Feel free to call me if you have questions.



Mr. Anderson

Band Director


Home; 749-2622 or cell #;360-6392










*During the first several weeks, the students have individual or small group lessons only, (not the whole band) to get them started.  These weekly lessons last for about 15-20 minutes, and continue throughout the entire school year.


*Playing an instrument can be very enjoyable and rewarding, but it does require commitment.  

Each student is required to practice a minimum of 90 minutes per week.  This comes out to be about 15 minutes per day.  The student’s grade is determined entirely on the amount of practice time they record.  There is a practice record sheet inside their book.


*Lesson times will be posted in the 4th grade classrooms.  Other band information and lesson times will be posted on the Mary of Lourdes website: <molschool.org> click on “Elementary School,” then “Elementary Faculty,” then “Mr. Anderson’s page.”

*Please help them succeed by encouraging regular, scheduled practice, and after November 1st remind them to bring their instrument and music every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.


*All band members must pay MOL a $50 per year fee to help us cover cost of school owned instruments, music, stands, repairs, etc.  You may pay this in 2 payments of $25 if desired.


A representative from Eckroth Music of St. Cloud will be here to make instruments available for you to rent or purchase.

This opportunity offers a very reasonable several month trial package for beginners, which I highly recommend.  During and after the trial period, when students are sure which instrument they will continue, is a great time to shop around for alternate instrument purchase deals.  

For instrument pricing, go to http://www.eckroth.com/aeRntSchoolSelect.aspx   You will need to fill in our school information, under “Little Falls Schools”.

You may acquire an instrument elsewhere, but be wary of inexpensive, unfamiliar brand names.  It’s a good idea to check with Mr. Anderson before you buy.  



There will be a meeting for parents and students on Tuesday, September 18 in the Mary of Lourdes Elementary cafeteria at 7pm.




Being a drummer requires a keen sense of rhythm and a continuing knowledge of music theory and keyboard skills. A beginning drummer has to “know more” before he/she enters band than players of other instruments. They need to know keyboard hand positions and be able to read notes in treble and bass clef before entering band. Realizing the importance of having drummers that are adequately prepared for such a challenge, I am requiring students to have 2 years of piano lessons. Other schools also have this requirement. That means if your son or daughter would like to play drums in fourth grade, they need to begin piano lessons in second grade.  Drummers need to continue piano lessons through their school years.

There are 2 piano teachers that visit our school and give lessons during the school day; Kathy Bahmer; 632-3512, and Helen Pikal; 632-6149. Students are sometimes excused from class as scheduling allows. Lessons are also available at the St. Francis Music Center 632-0637.


I also give piano lessons before and after school. My fee is $17 per one half hour lesson. If you have questions or comments, please call me.

Mr. Anderson


Home; 749-2622 or cell #;360-6392

















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