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  Sunday, September 27, 2020    

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Mary of Lourdes Middle School Mary of Lourdes 
Middle School

Jodi Vanderheiden, Principal
205 3rd St. NW
Little Falls, MN 56345
Phone: (320) 632-6742
Fax: (320) 632-3556




Mr. Lanny Anderson Gr.5 Band, Gr.6-8 Band, Jazz Band, Band Lessons, 6-8 Choir, Church Choir
Mrs. Patricia Tadmori
Gr.6-8 Art ptadmori@molschool.org
Mrs. Lori Hintz Gr.6-8 Language Arts lhintz@molschool.org
Mr. Brian Hurd Gr.6-8 Social Studies, Gr. 7-8 Computers bhurd@molschool.org
Ms. Casey Klinker Gr.6-8 Math cklinker@molschool.org
Deacon Craig Korver Gr.6-8 Religion & Gr.7 Grammar ckorver@molschool.org
Ms. Kailey Egan Gr. 5


Mr. Tom Brekke Gr.6-8 Science tbrekke@molschool.org
Ms. Morgan Trang Gr.5-6 General Music mtrang@molschool.org
Mr. Robin Pohlman  Physical Education  rpohlman@molschool.org 
Mrs. Jodi Vanderheiden Principal jvanderheiden@molschool.org          

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